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Earth Shoe Brand Information

Forty years ago while walking barefoot on the beach, Danish yoga master Anne Kalso discovered that as her heel sank into the sand below her shoes, she achieved a sensation similar to the Lotus yoga position. As she walked, her breathing began flowing freely and her posture naturally aligned. Passionate about the health benefits from walking naturall, Anne Kalso took it upon herself to develop a natural footwear design she called "Negative Heel Technology". Her vision is the foundation for the design of all Earth Footwear.
Original Kalso Negative Heel

Earth Shoes Provide Better Posture

Raised heel vs. platform: both fall short of Negative Heel technology.


Earth Shoes is the pioneer company that introduced the Negative Heel, taking flat, equal elevation sole comfort one step further. For years, the shoe industry has produced millions of shoes with raised heels, with apparently little concern for the health considerations that accompany them. A raised heel can cause back problems, as it throws your weight forward, makes it more difficult to balance, and places your spine out of alignment. With a negative heel, your head is straight, shoulders roll back, breathing is more efficient, and your spine and pelvis align.

While many shoe comapanies offer flat soled shoes to correct certian posture problems, Earth is the only company allowing you even great back support utilizing the negative heel technology.

Kalso Negative Heel Technology provides a healthy walking experience. Weight is evenly and naturally distributed over your feet, while your body is naturally aligned, creating a natural healthier stride. You may feel like you are leaning back, and you may experience stiff calves and/or thighs. This is normal. Moderate wear is advised for the first week or so to allow muscles time to adjust to this new way of natural walking.


The Proof is in the Performance.

Can a shoe actually improve your health and fitness? Earth customers think so. In fact, one recently wrote that wearing our shoes is "like walking on a treadmill with a slight incline." Everyone from casual walkers to serious athletes has discovered that Earth shoes deliver real performance advantages over traditional athletic shoes.

Did you know?

Walking or joggin in Earth negative-heel shoes burns more calories and amplifies the effects of exercise to help you lose weight and reduce cellulite.

By correcting your posture, Earth shoes can bring immediate relief from chronic back pain, muscular aches and join problems.

The revolutionary footbed and ultra lightweight sole position your foot correctly for optimum muscle function to relieve nagging foot problems.

Earth footwear is certified and approved by The American Podiatric Medical Association.

Earth Shoes Vegan Series

Earth Vegan styles contain no animal products and feature high-quality breathable, leather-like micro fiber uppers and linings. Certified by the Vegan Society.

Improved posture with

Earth Shoe

Negative Heel


Earth Comfort Features

Comfort Fit System
All Earth footwear styles include leather footbeds that mold to the shape of your foot to customize comfort. Some styles include interchangeable footbeds of different thicknesses. This allows you to mix and match to determine which footbed is right for you. Wear one, both, or none at all depending on the width of your foot.

Comfort Sphere
Earth footwear’s unique design allows your toes to spread out freely into their natural position.

Comfort Sole
The natural latex rubber sole of all Earth footwear maximizes comfort and durability.

Earth footwear is unique. The Earth experience is natural, comfortable, stylish, and healthy. The Earth experience is Total Body Comfort, invigorating for the mind, body, and sole. There’s nothing like it.

The Essence of Earth

You get more out of Earth footwear because Earth puts so much in. Earth packs scores of technical innovations into shoes that do as much for your image as they do for your feet, back, spine, and joints. In fact, Earth shoes holds a number of international patents - further proof that there's only one Earth shoe.

Ergonomic Earth Soles
The hearth of any shoe is its sole. In the case of Earth, it's the ergonomic outsole based on Kalso Negative Heel technology. The Earth natural Latex rubber or Dura-Light soles feature the exclusive rocker design to propel you forward and promote the natural walking motion. Both lightweight sole materials absorb shock, provide sure-footbed traction, and stand the test of time.

The Earth Comfort Fit System
Every Earth shoe is fitted with Gelron 2000, a high-tech EVA urethane compound that molds to the shape of your foot for a true custom fit that lasts for years. Gelron 2000 softens shock and prevents impact from reaching your heel, leg, or lower back. Adjustable straps, elastic gores, and lacing system complement this cushioned interior and allow you to fine-tune the fit.

Airport Friendly
If life's journey takes you across the country or the far corners of the world, you'll soon discover Earth footwear to be a favored traveling companion. More than 70% of Earth shoes are airport friendly. Our shanks are made of recycled fiber, so they provide flexibility and stability - without alarming airport security. What's more, Earth shoes are lightweight, pack easily, and cushion every step. So you'll feel like you're walking on air, rather than merely flying through it.

Vegan Society Certified
Thohse dedicated to a Vegan lifestyle will be pleased to know that our Vegan collection of boots and shoes is fully certified by the Vegan Society. Now there's no reason to comprise your commitment to natural living in ordedr to indulge your desire for stylish footwear. Enjoy unmatched comfort and good health, along with complete peace of mind.

APMA Seal of Acceptance
The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has awarded its Seal of Acceptance to the entire collection of Earth footwear, finding that "Earth a great shoe for support, very stylish, comfortable and durable." This APMA Seal confirms what Earth customers have been saying all along - that wearing Earth is a safe, reliable way to promote healhty feet.

ASTM Slip Resistant Soles
Virtually all Earth shoes were found to exceed performance parameters for slip resistance as measred by ASTM International standards. Wear them with confidence.


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