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Negative Heel Technology FAQ

Earth features unique Negative Heel Technology, which is the product of years or research by a celebrated Danish Yoga teacher, Anne Kalso®. Anne Kalso discovered that positioning the heels below the toes naturally aligns the body, just like the Yoga Mountain pose. This natural posture and alignment relieves fatigue for people who are on their feet all day.

Earth Negative Heel Technology FAQ

Who should wear Negative Heel Technology?

Anyone, and especially those who experience any discomfort from being on his or her feet for long periods of time. We do not make medical claims, but many Earth wearers do; people with lower back pain or foot problems say they are now pain free because of Negative Heel Technology. Sometimes this relief is immediate.

Will everyone adjust to the way the Negative Heel feels right away?

Probably not: Negative Heel Technology is different, and it may take some people a little time to get used to this new, natural way of walking. Men and Women who wear lower heel shoes tend to settle in more quickly than women who wear higher heels. Just like when you begin to exercise, moderation is the best bet at first: wearing Earth for a couple hours each day, allows any (previously neglected) muscles some time to adjust.

Why does the Earth foot-bed become more comfortable after a few days of wear?

The high technology foot-bed is engineered with multi-density materials that mold to the foots shape. This includes GELRON2000®, a high tech cushioning material that absorbs the shock, and protects the foot, leg, and lower back. GELRON 2000 can only be found in Earth shoes.

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